Small Groups



Grow Zone

Your children will learn the love of God through stories and songs. The nursery is a safe place for children to feel the love of God through our trained and caring staff.

Kindergarten-6th grade
Sue Salmieri, Rm 502                   

This is a time designated for your kids to grow deeper in the Word of God. Kids will have hands on experiences and activity sheets that help them understand what they are being taught.

7th grade-12th grade
Trisha Koestler, Rm 506

Our youth need to be centered in the Word of God more than ever before. Students will learn about what God says versus what the world says, and how it relates to current events they are facing daily.


Holy Spirit
Mike Moran, Rm 507

Ministry of the Holy Spirit: This Quarter we will study the nine supernatural gifts/gracing of the Holy Spirit in I Cor 12 & 14.

Mining God’s Promises
Larry & Deb Oestreich, Prayer Rm

God says yes to over 8000 promises in his word. This class will help us find his priceless promises together.


Ignited Women’s Bible Study
Pastor Rosemary Lowery
Fridays @ 8:30am
Please call the church office for the location 217-423-2452

Return to Jesus, your first love
Marti Johnson
Thursdays 9:30-11:30am
Maranatha Hospitality Room